When Cops turn Hooligans

Its election season all over the country and lots of police personnel are being moved all over the country. Especially in the poll regions one may find lots of police personnel at Railway Stations and Bus stands. Well, It was recently that I encountered a similar situation and trust me these “Cops behaved more like hooligans

Travelling via the Gomti Express, from New Delhi(NDLS) to Lucknow(LKO) last week was a journey that I’ll never forget.  This train is ‘supposedly’ one of the best on this route but this time, it was a different story all together. The train was already running late for over 2 hours and was stranded at Etawah.  One of the rarest of rare occasion when the TTE himself was absent and no one bothered to check the tickets too !

Due to the upcoming polls in the capital, lots of cops had been posted at various locations for election duty. Well, here a swarm of cops entered the coach and started pushing the passengers to make space for themselves. Some of them even tried to throw the luggage to keep theirs. Most of them blocked the passage and didn’t allow passengers to even use the restroom !

Cops blocking the passage.
Cops blocking the passage.

The worst thing was the language these hooligans used. No shame what so ever as these guys constantly kept irritating the passengers. Many of them told how they allowed some people to vote more than once in polls held in Etawah and that Modi will get 300+ seats etc. Some of them took their cameras and were busy taking ‘selfies’ ! There were many instances of quarrels and one of it turned ted ugly when the cop slapped one of the passenger.

Cops taking Selfie !
Cops taking Selfie !

Not surprising that the current raj is often termed as ‘Goonda-Raj’. These cops – mere constables – thought they have every right to exert their so called power on civilians. Sometimes I think who actually recruited them !

I also agree to the fact that these cops are paid miserably and made to work like machines. But, I strongly feel that if the state government needs the force, its their duty to arrange special trains, buses etc. to ensure these cops reach their destination in time and with great ease without disrupting the journeys of the ‘aam-aadmi’

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