When college came to an end…

Its been ages since I last posted here, thanks to the final year project related work which made my travel a lot and lose a couple of Kgs. meanwhile 😛 But now college is over and I’m free, so decided to write  a post to mark this occasion !

It was not long ago that I entered a whole new environment of a college. A normal science background student entering a college to embark on a four year long voyage of Computer Engineering.

The initial years were spent in tackling the Demons of Mathematics and Physics. At that time even the thought of going out of college and spending time with friends was scary as there was always a fear of getting a back in these subjects. But thanks to the almighty that things went smooth and got no backs.

As I entered the last few semesters of my course, things became different. With the core computer subjects coming into the lime light, there was not much tension of studies as these things kind-of came naturally to me 😛 Anyways, this was the time when I actually started going out with friends to cafes, auto-expo, and what not.

The last year was all about placements. And once again by God’s grace and my efforts 😛 I was able to clear all the hurdles and was finally recruited by Wipro Technologies. This certainly was a very important day.

Apart from all this, the most important thing that happened was making new friends. I was lucky enough to make new friend(s) with whom I could share almost everything. I have always believed that a person is incomplete without friends. So a big Thank You to all my friends for begin so nice to me all this while.

Finally, today it was the day when we were awarded out provisional degrees which states that we now are Engineers. The journey at Amity University  was rough at times but overall things were pretty smooth.

Well, technically this is my first post as Er. Atulpriya Sharma 😛

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