Sachin Tendulkar vents his frustration on British Airways in a series of tweets.
Sachin Tendulkar vents his frustration on British Airways in a series of tweets.

British Airways face Twitterati Juggernaut after Sachin fiasco

A couple of hours ago, the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar was furious with British Airways and didn’t waste time in venting his frustration on Twitter. Sachin in  series of tweets, mentioned about his family’s tickets not getting confirmed and that his baggage was tagged to another location.

Sachin’s Tweets:

All was well for the Aviation Giant until it responded – well it replied with its standard tweet asking for booking reference number, full name etc.

And then started the juggernaut, British Airways would have never thought in their dreams that what was going to follow this tweet would definitely put them on “No Fly List”. Twitteratis spent no time and pounced on to the opportunity and took a dig at the airlines. Further the presence on Narendra Modi in London, made things more ‘exciting’ since his missing luggage was quickly tagged to Modi’s visit. Even the Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister spent not time and came out in support of Sachin with his tweets. Below are few tweets taking a dig at the airlines:

Here’s what Suhel Seth had to say to Sachin, as he was at waiting for his delayed flight:

And finally,

However later the Maestro tweeted thanking the British Airways support staff for resolving the issue, he further thanked the twitteratis for their active contribution in resolving the issue:

With this, we hope that things are fine for both Sachin and British Airways. But if you think, British Airways DID the RIGHT think as to what they should have, I mean asking Sachin to revert with his booking details.. but asking for his full name was the wrong decision. What do you say ?


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