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Power of music
Power of music

My encounters with Musical Instruments

During my early school days I was never allowed to sit idle during vacations. From morning till evening I was sent to different classes including drawing, dancing, music, Cricket and computers to name a few. Not that I was forced to but I enjoyed all of it, so was fine it. Ever since I have had interest in music – learning different instruments. So I’m technically not a master of a particular instrument, but I can say I’m not a newbie to few instruments.

The first musical instrument I played was a keyboard. My first keyboard was some Casio keyboard with few present tunes, so initial days it was all about presets. Later I joined a proper music class to learn keyboard where I was taught the basics, finger positions, octaves etc.

Casio Keyboard. Image Courtesy: amazon.com
Casio Keyboard. Image Courtesy: amazon.com

Before moving on to my next instrument I had a short stint at Drums. I thought that drummers were cool and always wanted to sit at that stool behind the drums and play them. Well, i didn’t get much chance to play in my coaching class as it was a 1 month class 🙁

The next instrument I played was the Harmonium. This was for few years. After I left the keyboard I moved to Harmonium, both are almost the same except that harmonium is a wind instrument. During this time I learnt Indian classical music which has all the ragas like Bhairavi and so on. I was always interested in learning Bollywood songs, so I did learn the then hit song “Kaho Na Pyaar hai“. Other songs that I played included the national anthem and a couple of old Bollywood songs.

Harmonium. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia.org
Harmonium. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia.org

Later I moved to boarding school and got a change to play in the School Band. It was a great experience in the band as I literally played all the instruments. Looking at my size the instrument assigned to me was the bass drum 😛 which I played during the final sports day and got a chance to play in front of Aamir Khan who was the chief guest. I was also fortunate to play the drum in the opening scene of my school in the movie Taare Zameen Par. It’s a different story that my head was chopped off after editing and you only see the drums 😛

Jab Atulmaharaj met Amir Khan !
Jab Atulmaharaj met Amir Khan !

Apart from the Base drum, I played the flute. During the practice sessions I used to request the band coach “Mr. Amjad” (If I remember correctly) to allow me to play the instrument. Others who played the flute taught me the tune which I picked up very fast. I then used to switch roles between the flute and Base drum during the practice sessions.

Later I was ‘promoted’ to be the Band Master. I never enjoyed the march past and thought being in the band was easy. But I was wrong, band is the most difficult part and being the band master was even tougher because the whole school is marching according to your tune, so one mistake and boof ! Gone !

I would say I  was lucky to have encountered so many musical instruments till date. It’s a different thing that I play a different keyboard which doesn’t produce music…

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