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Paneer 65 - soft and fresh. Shah ghouse Biryani
Paneer 65 - soft and fresh.

Peppy Silverware to make cooking more lovable

For some cooking is a task while for others (like me) cooking is a great stress buster. I learnt cooking as a part of my vocational course at my boarding school, so had started with Pav Bhaji, Pakodas and few Paneer dishes. Since then, I’ve been in love with cooking. Right from washing and chopping vegetables to plating the final meal, I enjoy every bit of it. We like cooking, be it any time of day. If anyone asks me to cook right after I return from office, I would be very happy to do that. To make myself extra comfortable in the kitchen I put on some music while I cook. One of the things that bother me are the boring, dull, traditional black utensils. From pots and pans to spoons, it looks so boring. But thanks to the latest ‘peppy’ utensils in the market, I love cooking ever more now.

Peppy utensils. Image Courtesy: thegunnysnack.com
Peppy utensils. Image Courtesy: thegunnysack.com

If you walk into a mall today and get into the kitchen section of a good store, you’re bound to find some unique stuff for your kitchen. For instance the pots and pans you see now a days use a lot of bold colors. From solid greens, reds to blues, they not only look good in the store but in the kitchen too ! Apart from these, the plates (especially those ceramic ones) come in a lot of designs and vibrant colors. One can choose the one that matches with their kitchen or the dining area. Once you decide that you can a matching set of pots and pan too ! Just imagine walking in the kitchen with these ‘peppy‘ utensils and plates around, you sure would enjoy cooking even more.

Colorful dinner plates. Cooking Image Courtesy: baggout
Colorful dinner plates. Image Courtesy: baggout

It doesn’t stop here, even the salt and pepper cellars can be bought to match the utensils. In fact everything you use to cook, eat food can be found in these ‘peppy‘ new colors that just change the look of your boring and dull kitchen. In the previous house where I stayed, they fitted a red chimney while all the cabinets were brownish-red so it was a perfect match, never felt like leaving the kitchen ! Making such changes in the kitchen can benefit a lot, you would not only want to spend more time in the kitchen but you will come up with new ideas and recipes too.

I know that these items can be a costly affair, so if that’s the case you could make purchases in installments i.e. get the pots and pans first, and then the tableware and so on. Hence if you still have those boring, dull utensils in the kitchen, experiment with these new, colorful utensils to give your kitchen a ‘peppy‘ look. So go and grab one these peppy and colorful tablewares for your kitchen and give it a great makeover along with a beautiful makeover to your food !

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