Text Reply to an Android Notification on Windows 10 using Cortana.
Text Reply to an Android Notification on Windows 10 using Cortana.

Sync Android Notifications on Windows 10 with Cortana

According to Microsoft, more than 350 million active devices are currently running the latest version of Windows – Windows 10. Be it a mobile device, laptop or a desktop, Windows 10 is everywhere. Even I use Windows 10 on my Dell 5370 laptop. Microsoft has been working too hard in cementing its position in the market, a time when it is facing threat from companies like Apple, Amazon and Google on various fronts.

Thanks to this competition, Microsoft had to come up with Edge to catch up with the other browsers in the market currently led by Google Chrome (However, I don’t think Edge is going to pose any threat to Chrome, it will still be used to download Chrome :P). Facing heat from Siri and Google Voice, Microsoft too came up with its own intelligent voice assistant – Cortana.

Cortana as you all know by now is an intelligent voice assistant offering by Microsoft. It has been released all over the world and is available on all the devices running Windows 10. So if you have a Win 10 laptop, desktop or a mobile, you would have surely interacted at least once with Cortana. Apart from suggesting restaurants, providing traffic and weather updates, one feature of Cortana that we liked was Phone Companion.

Companion’s Notification Sync feature made its debut during the Mobile World Congress, it is a new feature allows you to sync notifications from your mobile phone to your Windows 10 laptop/desktop. So if you get a call / SMS, you will get a notification on your machine and can even reply from the computer itself !

This feature however was limited only to Windows phones for quite sometime till Microsoft decided to release Cortana for Android Your Phone Companion Even then users in India didn’t have the facility because the official Cortana app isn’t available for Indian users yet. However there is a Your Companion App by Microsoft available for download. Couldn’t find it on AppStore, if you find it, please share the link with me. So you need to be a beta tester for the app before you can download it.

How to Sync Android Notifications on Windows 10 with Cortana

So all you need to do is, download and install the app on your Android smart phone and follow the following steps:

  • It will ask you to connect your outlook account at first launch, so provide your credentials. Make sure that the laptop/desktop where you wish you sync your android notifications to, is also logged in with the same outlook id.
Keeping "Missed Call Notifications" on [Android Notifications]
Keeping “Missed Call Notifications” on
  • Once this is done, navigate to Settings -> Companion Notification.
  • Make sure “Missed Call Notification” is checked.
Sync Android Notifications on Windows 10 with Cortana
Sync Android Notifications on Windows 10 with Cortana

Now if you get a missed call, you will almost instantly get a notification on your Windows 10 machine about the missed call as shown in the screenshot above. Further you can also reply to the caller right from the notification window on Windows 10. Simply click on the Post Reply button and Cortana will allow you to reply from the notification itself. It will also display a notification on your Android smart phone that Cortana has sent an SMS.

Text Reply to an Android Notification on Windows 10 using Cortana.
Text Reply to an Android Notification on Windows 10 using Cortana.

This is one of the feature that most of us have been waiting for. Not every time we have our smartphones by our sides. Cortana’s companion service is surely a boon for people like me. Receiving notifications on my desktop and able to reply to them without any fuzz is what I want. Now since this is still a ‘beta’ version of the app, the functionality is limited only to syncing missed call alerts.  [Update: 20/08/2016] The beta version of the app is updated and now supports SMS notifications, App specific notifications (Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger etc. ) along with missed call alerts. And we can respond to these notification right from our Windows 10 PC.

Do try to Sync Android Notifications on Windows 10 with Cortana and let us know if you face any issues. And if you are already using this service, let us know your feedback. Even you even have any tips and tricks for the notification service, do share with us. What do you have to say ? Mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj or DM me on Instagram.

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