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Protinex Bytes ! Courtesy: Protinex
Protinex Bytes ! Courtesy: Protinex

Protein, Hydrolysed Protein, Protein Calculator & Protinex – All you need to know

Fast food is popular because it’s convenient, it’s cheap and it tastes good. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu.” I’m sure that many would agree to this about fast food. Today, every one is in a hurry with no time to cook; hence the fast food. I feel that there are two reasons for this, firstly the wrong notion that healthy food isn’t tasty and second would be the time. When people are working around the clock, eating right is very important. In the process of pleasing their bosses or chasing their dreams, they often miss out on the essential nutrients that the body needs. One of them in Protein and today I’m going to talk about how Protinex is helping people get their daily dose of proteins in the form of Hydrolysed Protein.

Delicious Protinex. My Favourite.
Delicious Protinex. My Favourite. Courtesy: Protinex

What exactly is Hydrolysed protein ?

Protein as we have studied long back in our biology class – is the basic building material of our body. Now we have a lot of sources of proteins – eggs being the most widely found one. Also there’s meat and lentils too. A healthy adult requires about 1g of protein per Kg body weight. Sometimes it is difficult to meet this requirement through these foods. And as per a recent IMRB survey, 73% of urban Indian population has diet which is deficient in protein, with Lucknow being the highest in deficiency at 90%, Mumbai at 70% and Delhi at 60% while Kolkata reported the least protein deficiency at 43%. Comes in Protinex to help you get the daily dose of protein.

Protinex Bytes ! Courtesy: Protinex
Protinex Bytes ! Courtesy: Protinex

Digesting protein requires a lot of ‘resources’ and hence the all new Protinex is enriched with Hydrolysed Protein rather than intact protein. So how is Hydrolysed Protein better than intact protein ? Well, these are created by pre-digesting intact protein into amino acids which can be easily absorbed by our body. Hydrolysed Protein has a lot of benefits over intact protein:

  • The rate of absorption is quicker
  • Speedy recovery from muscle injury
  • If taken post workout, this improves protein synthesis

Protein Calculator – Count your Protein intake

Protein Calculator is a novel tool that allows a consumer to calculate their protein intake and take corrective measures in their diet or through protein supplements that offer the right quality and quantity of protein. The tool states the total amount of protein intake considering each meal that one consumes in a day. Along with this, it also informs the protein inadequacy so that the people can keep a track of their protein intake daily.

I loved this idea of a protein calculator considering how everyone spends most of their time on the internet. The tool has a neat UI and is user-friendly too. Do give it a try. Sharing is a screen grab of the result I got after using the Protein Calculator. I though I was going good, but this tells otherwise. Further, the list of food items is not that vast, but it covers all the items you would eat in a day.

Protein Calculator by Protinex.
Protein Calculator by Protinex.

Protinex held an awareness event about the importance of protein in Lucknow earlier this week. The event saw Dr. Madhavi Marathe highlighting the importance of protein in daily diet. A lot of myths around protein and health supplements were busted at the event. The event showcased how Protinex is helping the consumers – be it the drink (my favourite) or the bytes. I’m sure this was a great way to create awareness about protein in our diet.

Do you think you take adequate protein in your daily diet ? (Hint: Protein Calculator) Protinex Drink or Bytes, what would you prefer if given a choice ? Mention in the comments below of tweet to me at @atulmaharaj

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