Blogzzy - Fastest Way to Share Blog Posts
Blogzzy - Fastest Way to Share Blog Posts

Presenting Blogzzy – Fastest Way To Share Your Blog Posts

As a child, like every other, I was intrigued by everything around me. Right from how the door lock worked to how a computer worked, everything interested me. And I guess that was one of the reason that I was enrolled in a nearby computer class – Capital Computers in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. And mind you I was in my 3rd grade. Started by learning typing DOS, MS-Office and Internet (Yes ! There was a course on internet back then and that used to take place on a Sunday because apparently the dialup connection worked faster.) From learning the basics and advancing to learning LOGO, HTML, Photoshop, Pagemaker and Corel Draw (all before I was in 6th grade) I did it all.

However it was in New Era High School‘s vocational class on Web designing and Hosting that I learnt that we simply google for things and often look for “free” stuff. Have we ever given back anything to the internet. Ever ? That was precisely the reason why I started with in 7th grade – a website for recipes due to me interest in cooking. The website will redirect your here now. As time passed, interest in cooking faded just because of the fact I got busy. Then in 2012, this blog was born with the aim of helping people on the internet and giving it back to the community. Likewise, Blogging too has helped me grow a lot. On and Off the internet as well. And this new offering is my small gift to the Blogging community that has helped me come this far. Presenting Blogzzythe fastest way to share your blog posts.

Blogzzy - Fastest Way to Share Blog Posts
Blogzzy – Fastest Way to Share Blog Posts

Blogzzy – Your Blog Buddy

The Idea behind Blogzzy

One of the most common tasks that we bloggers perform daily include sharing of blog posts. These posts can be your own blog posts or your friends. After all blogging is all about the community and not an individual. I did a small survey within a group of bloggers and surveyed how they shared their blog posts. Some opened the blog, navigated to the blog post, copied the link, pasted in their social media status update text box and shared. Others, opened the blog, navigated to the blog post and clicked on the share post button. These are completely fine if you are sharing only 1 blog post. How about when you want to share 5-10 blog posts a day ?

Download Blogzzy Today
Download Blogzzy Today

Blogzzy to the rescue

With Blogzzy, you can easily share any blog post you’ve written till date with just a couple of taps. No more opening of blog or copying of the URL. Blogzzy will do that for you. So how does Blogzzy work exactly ? I’m sure you must be aware of sitemaps. You would have surely generated and submitted one to Google/Bing etc. What Blogzzy does is, it crawls through your post sitemap (not sitemap) and lists out everything in the app. You click on an item, see a preview, hit Tweet / Share and Voila ! You’ve successfully shared a post ! The video below will show you how Blogzzy works.

Download Blogzzy and share blog posts faster

The initial release is a basic one and allows you to share blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. (You need Twitter to be installed on the phone, some issues from the browser which isn’t specific just to this app) For future, the idea is to have Buffer sharing on board too. I know many of the bloggers user Buffer to schedule their posts. And with the Free version of Buffer you have to manually copy and paste the blog links. Blogzzy will enable that. Also right now Blogzzy allows you to only share your own posts. In future release, the idea is to allow you to share your friend’s posts too. Hence this has just begun and a lot to offer is in store. Please download the app, use it and leave a rating/feedback. If you face any issue in setting up head to our FAQ or directly connect with me.

Looking forward to hearing from the blogging fraternity. I’ve spent quite some time in this and hope that this is helpful to some. A big shout out to Akhil, Saumy, Meenakshi ji, Mayuri ji, Navin and Shravan for helping me during the course of getting this app to this stage. So download the app and share your feedback ! Mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj.

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  1. I’m sure this is going to be very useful. Need to download and use it, but knowing you Atul, I’m confident you’ve put in a lot of effort and Blogzzy’ll be useful. Kudos!

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