Horn ‘NOT OK’ Please

Many Indians feel that we are blessed with this amazing invention of man that when used clears all the hurdles from the path and believe that without it, our lives would have been a void. You guessed it right, I’m talking about the the tiny little switch on your two wheeler handle and the soft button on our steering wheel – The Horn. 

Stop Honkaholism !
Stop Honkaholism !

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Driving is the most irritating part of the day for me. Even though I ride a two wheeler and that too barely an hour or so daily. I cannot bear honking even the slightest. It’s so weird that even civilized people (who apparently wear pricey suits, drive super luxury cars) honk unnecessarily. They know that the guy ahead is moving slow because of a huge truck in front of the guy, but this uber-dude can’t see it and just can’t simply stop honking !

It’s just that people are so obsessed with it and can’t live without it. I wonder whether the Horn OK Please tagline have made people to honk more. I recently saw a two wheeler which had a sticker on the back that said “Don’t Honk” Well, I feel that’s what we need. We need to tell the moron-behind-the -wheel to focus on turning the wheel and not pressing it !

Stop Honking India.
Stop Honking India.

I sometimes feel, the govt. should come up with Anti Honking Law or something. The traffic police should maybe start booking people for unnecessary honking. But then I also feel that such a thing would not make a difference at all. It would become just like the ‘Ban on Smoking law’ that forbids allows people to smoke in public places… Best would be to create awareness would be start No Honking Day which could slowly and slowly help us curb this problem..

Meanwhile for all those who just can’t stop honking, have a look at the Honk Suppressor which when fixed in a car will ensure that only ‘you’ hear the horn and not the other cars. It’s something that one needs to pay attention to and only he/she can bring a change. Please stop honking unnecessarily, Horn ‘NOT OK’ Please !

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