Time flies and life doesn't have a pause button
Time flies and life doesn't have a pause button

Time flies and life doesn’t have a Pause button…

Main samay hoon, Main kabhi rukta nahi, 
hamesha aage badhta rahta hoon,
aur theek usi tarah kaam hai, hamesha badhta hi rahta hai,
par samay kabhi kaam ke liye nahi rukta…

This are famous lines from Mahabharat, and as you read on, you’ll realize as to why this is here…

When you are in school, you feel your childhood was best – no worries, do anything anytime and so on. When you move to college, you’re like school was best – all the fun, the punishments, the crushes and what not. And now when you are working, you will college days were fun – last minute assignments, chai pe charcha, bunks et al. Every phase of life is special and its most important that you enjoy every phase at the fullest, because time flies (and now that I’m working, for me time is faster than speed of light !)

Life Stages of Robert ! Courtesy Cyanide and Happiness.
Life Stages of Robert ! Courtesy Cyanide and Happiness.

As a working professional(especially in the early stages) you are supposed to be working hard. Deadlines at this point of time are ‘Dead’Lines, you simply can’t extending the deadlines like you did in college. Being assigned a responsibility, you are now answerable for that. Its no more like college that you escape from this, and in the end, blame it on someone else ! Well, this is exactly the ‘bad world’ that you were being told while you were in school and then in college – We are preparing you to face the bad world outside ! (Remembered that session when your headmaster gave a lecture on this and you were like Whatever and busy staring at your crush 😛 Well everyone has had this moment at some point or the other)

Time Management lessons anyone ? ;) Courtesy: bsix12
Time Management lessons anyone ? 😉 Courtesy: bsix12

But one thing you will surely agree – weekends are the most awaited and cherished ! In school and college, everyday was like a Friday, no work, not much to study, the all important games period and the best part when the teacher was absent – I mean that day was Sunday ! 😛 Now, things have changed, and changed A LOT ! You cannot make excuses that your stomach is aching and not go to work ! You simply can’t miss your alarm and miss office and bunking office is not at all an option ! Suddenly you realize that whatever was said in one of those ‘boring’ “Time Management” lectures is true ! You’ve got to balance work and social life to ensure that jack doesn’t become a dull boy. Managing time has suddenly become the need of the hour. You work hard for the whole week, work late and wait for weekend. And when the weekend comes, you want to sleep, sleep and sleep more. You probably sit to catch up on those missed shows, read a bit and by the time you reach the middle of it, it’s Monday again !

Life moves on. Courtesy: etsy
Life moves on. Courtesy: etsy

Always remember, life doesn’t have a pause button, it will go on. It’s you who have to decided what your priorities are and ensure you achieve all that you wished for !

Au revoir !

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