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The ‘Peppy’ Foldable Bicycle

Peppy Foldable Bicycle

I am a frequent traveler and always prefer bus whenever I’m on a holiday. I traversed almost the entire stretch from Bangalore to Shimla by road. Most of you might freak out when I Would tell you that you can reach Bangalore from Delhi by Bus ! Yes ! Delhi to Ahmedabad via Jaipur by RSRTC Volvo and then the onward journey from Ahmedabad to Bangalore via Mumbai, Pune by SRS, VRL travels. Well this post ain’t exactly about road trips but its a about a unique ‘peppy‘ bicycle I saw while I was on one of my leisure trips.

Few years ago I was traveling to Bangalore from Delhi by RSRTC Volvo and had reached Bikaner House (the departure place) since I was early I decided to sit at the chairs put outside the office. The compound is nice and has ample seating capacity with a small ATM, snack bar and cool water on offer. I wasn’t the only one over there, there were many who were waiting for the bus. During the same time I noticed something unusual kept near my bag. At first I thought it would be some machine or a  tool. But when I had a close look at it, I was amazed to see that it was a bicycle ! No one would ever say that it was a bicycle.

Peppy Foldable Bicycle
Peppy Foldable Bicycle

Now what was unique about this peppy bicycle was that it was a foldable bicycle. Yes a foldable bicycle that you can carry like a suitcase ! And that’s what the owner was actually doing. He would be traveling and probably wanted to take his bicycle along and what better than folding the bicycle and carry it ! The bicycle had a joint in between the wheels from where it could be folded and post this the two wheels would overlap each other. To make it more compact, the handle was foldable too. First the handle would fold from the center thus reducing its length. After this it could be further folded from the main joint to the front wheel thus making it ever more compact. Even the seat, could be lowered further, which would again reduce the overall size. In the end the complete bicycle was not bigger than a medium-big sized suite case !

This was seriously one of the most innovative items I had seen in the recent past. A ‘peppyfoldable bicycle something I never thought of before I saw this, now I know anything can be done. I don’t know what brand the bicycle was or how much it costed and who made it, I had no idea. But then whoever had thought of it had a great idea in his mind of carrying the bicycle wherever he wanted to go.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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