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‘Peppy’ Childhood games – Bachpan ki yaadein

Peppy Bachpan Games. Image courtesy: IndianRoots.com

One of the best part about Childhood is that you are carefree, not at all bothered with the happenings around. While the whole world was busy talking about the IC814 hijack, we were busy debating on whether Superman was better than Batman. Childhood or ‘Bachpan‘ as most of us call it was definitely the best part of our lives, running around the house fearless about getting hurt, throwing stuff from the balcony were just few acts we were masters at. Plus this bachpan wasn’t limited to pre-school days, I guess at least till class 4-5 it was still bachpan. The best part about our ‘bachpan’ was that we didn’t have computers (or even if few of them had, we were not blessed with the GTAs and BioShocks). So the fun time we had back then was after school when we used to meet our friends and play some games. So reliving those childhood memories, I’ll share some of the ‘peppy‘ games we had back then.

Luka Chhipee:

Luka Chipee: Bachpan Games. Image courtesy: omgstory.net
Luka Chipee: Bachpan Games. Image courtesy: omgstory.net

Luka Chhipee is the desi version of the popular game ‘Hide and Seek’. The game is pretty simple with one guy closing his eyes till others hide. During this while the guy often counted, till probably 50 or 100. He then goes to find them and the first person found will be the seeker in the next round of the game and the person who is found last will be the winner. Since I spent most of my childhood in Gujarat, it was Thappo for us. It was a slightly modified version, while the seeker was busy searching for other, one guy would go and say thappo and then the seeker remained the seeker. One of the best games I enjoyed playing.


Stapu Bachpan games. Image Courtesy: iimg.in
Stapu Bachpan games. Image Courtesy: iimg.in

Stapu or Kith Kith is the another name for the popular game hopscotch. Though this game is popular among the girls, many guys enjoyed playing it too. In this game, we draw a pattern with blocks on the floor with chalk and number them. Then we threw an object in a particular box and had to hop the blocks to get that object. The best part about this game was it could be played anywhere. Tiles, cemented floor anywhere. I remember playing this is school as they had already made the pattern on the floor, so all we needed was an object – usually our bicycle keychains. Though I wasn’t able to hop a lot, I did enjoy playing it.

So these were some of the well-known games that everyone played however there was this one game that we played and I enjoyed a lot. This is the game of Nadi ke Parvat translates to “River” or “Mountain” Usually we played this in a place which had high and low areas, example an area with platforms which are usually higher than the ground. So one person would say “nadi” or “parvat“, “nadi” being the normal ground and “parvat” being the high platform. Depending on what the player says, you need to stand on the opposite one, example if the player says nadi you need to be on the parvat and vice versa. The fun part is you need to step in the area the player had chosen and he will try to tag you. If he tags he wins, else you lose. So, a silly game but definitely enjoyed it.

These were some of the ‘peppy‘ bachpan ke games we used to play. Even today if someone asks me to play this game with them, I would love to. How many of you guys played these games ? Or did you play some other game ? Do share is the comments and relive your childhood days 🙂

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