Why you should not expect too much

Why you should not expect too much

We meet thousands of people in our entire lifetime, some who leave a mark in our life while other who just walk by. And to identify which person will actually make a difference is a tough task. And once we get to know these people up close, we many a times go out of our ways to make a difference. And in return one would want the other to reciprocate at some point or the other. During the process, with every passing day, your expectation levels slowly rise and finally at one point you would be expecting A LOT. And there will be times when your expectation levels aren’t met and those are tough times. Trust me.

Why you should not expect too much !
Why you should not expect too much !

Most of the times it’s not the person that has let you down but it’s the situation that has played a spoil sport. And that’s one factor which no one ever takes into consideration. You would have planned to meet your buddy and suddenly he/she is unable to make it and when you hear that, you are surely hurt. But trust me what you don’t know is that it’s not them who are doing these things rather it’s the situation that is commanding them. They become mere puppets who are being handled by their director – Situation. And this is what leads to misunderstandings which later on take an ugly turn just to make situations worst. I’m pretty sure that in 99% cases it’s the situation. So one should never ever feel let down because your pal wasn’t able to make it your party, if the situation was different, I’m sure they would have definitely joined you.

So the remaining 1% is something that will bother you a lot especially later on if you come know that it wasn’t the situation that turned the villain. Those are some really tricky situations to deal with. It’s at least better when someone straight away don’t agree with you, so that you don’t expect much from them. But when some of them approve of a plan and later back off at the last moment it is disastrous ! And after having experiences of similar situations, trust me never expect too much from anyone until unless the idea / plan is executed.

Hence to conclude all I would sat that expecting for something to happen isn’t bad however, one needs to be careful so that he/she don’t expect too much and the regret their action.

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  1. Hey Atul, this is so true. Based on my personal experiences in life, I believe its best not to expect too much in return. Give people but don’t expect anything in return and you will be happy.

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