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Unlimited Reading with Amazon Prime Reading. Now in India
Unlimited Reading with Amazon Prime Reading. Now in India

Now Unlimited Reading with Amazon Prime Reading

One of the ways for customer retention taught in management classes is loyalty. If your product/service is able to build the loyalty with its offerings, then you’ll surely have customers wanting more.  And who better than Amazon for that. Amazon’s Prime subscription is one of the finest subscription based program out there. Some of you might feel that paying almost Rs 1000 per year for Amazon Prime subscription isn’t worth, well I’ll say it’s more than that ! Flipkart on the other hand might have launched their Flipkart Plus membership program for free, but I’m sure for them to match Amazon Prime, it will take some time. While they chalk out a strategy, Amazon is going leaps and bounds with their offerings on Amazon Prime.

Unlimited Reading with Amazon Prime Reading. Now in India
Unlimited Reading with Amazon Prime Reading. Now in India

Introduced in 2016 in India, within 2 years Amazon Prime has been a hit amongst the people. Started at Rs 499 per year to Rs 999 per year and recently moved to monthly subscriptions for Rs 129 per month. Initially it was all about free one day deliveries. Later it was about original videos with Amazon Prime. Then it was Unlimited music with Amazon Prime Music and today they have taken it to the next level yet again. They have launched Unlimited Reading with Amazon Prime Reading ! So here’s all you need to know about Amazon Prime Reading.

With Amazon Prime Reading you can read virtually unlimited books from comics to eBooks. Be it fiction, romance, thriller or sci-fi, you can browse and read hundreds of amazing books with your Amazon Prime subscription. With their Kindle app available on Google and iOS you can read eBooks across all your devices seamlessly. So you can carry your library with you everywhere.

Amazon Prime Reading Fine Print

Whether you are buying mutual funds or eating out at a restaurant, conditions always apply. And that’s the same for Amazon Prime Reading too. Digging through their Terms & Conditions for Amazon Prime Reading we found some interesting things.

  • Not all books will be eligible for Amazon Prime Reading service. So there might be a chance that the book you’ve been wanting to read isn’t available under this new service.
  • You cannot have more than 10 books downloaded at a time. For me it’s a huge number, however I know people who would want that to be extended.
  • This number will be update solely by Amazon over time.
  • You will not be charged anything extra for Amazon Prime Reading service.

You can read all of it here.

That’s about the latest Amazon Prime Service on board. Like I said, Amazon Prime is a total paisa vasool subscription. And I realised that after buying my Amazon FireTV stick some time back. I watched some amazing original videos like Comicstaan, Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humara, Lakhon Mein Ek and the likes. For me, the subscription has been due to my Airtel post paid plan. So any plan above Rs499 is entitled for a free Amazon Prime Subscription for  a year ! I’m truly, madly in love with this. How about you ? What’s the best thing about Amazon Prime service ? What do you think of the Amazon Prime Reading plan ? Mention your views in the comments below of tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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