Unlimited South Indian thali at Ishtaa
Unlimited South Indian thali at Ishtaa

16 Top South Indian Restaurants in Hyderabad – Latest Update April 2024

Many of you have asked me for recommendations on the best South Indian restaurants in Hyderabad on Instagram, Twitter and other places so I’ve decided to put together the ultimate list of the top 15 South Indian restaurants in Hyderabad.

What sets this list apart? Well, these aren’t just names I’ve gathered from the web; these are the places I’ve personally explored and tasted. As a dedicated vegetarian, I’ll emphasize the veg-friendly options at these restaurants, but let me assure you, meat lovers won’t be disappointed either.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a flavorful journey through Hyderabad’s South Indian culinary scene, look no further. Read on, plan your visits, savour the scrumptious dishes, and don’t forget to share this comprehensive list with your fellow food enthusiasts.

Let’s dive into the world of delectable South Indian cuisine!

Top 16 Tried & Tasted South Indian Restaurants In Hyderabad


The latest entrant in this list of South Indian restaurants in Hyderabad has to be Aidu. One of the best places that I’ve been to serving authentic South Indian food. It focuses on progressive South Indian food and does a pretty good job. The team behind is the same team at Farzi, so the food is pretty nice.

Mains & Small Plates
Mains & Small Plates

Even the ambience is pretty refreshing and everything is detailed pretty nicely. The menu is also not like other South Indian restaurants in the city and has quite a few different things. For instance, you’ll not find any North Indian Paneer dish on the menu but you have a Puttu and Kadla Curry, that’s something I enjoyed.

Though it’s not a pure vegetarian restaurant, the vegetarian choices are pretty good and you ought to try Aidu soon. Read my Aidu review to know more.

Ishtaa Pure Vegetarian

One of the most popular pure vegetarian south Indian restaurants in Hyderabad is Ishtaa. Started with the first outlet next to Ikea, today Ikea has multiple branches in Hyderabad including Koktapet, and Basheerbagh to name a few.

Talking about the ambience, there are intricate patterns on the doors and walls that are surely appealing. The restaurant itself is quite spacious and there are separate sections for families and couples. There are planters inside and Kathakali murals painted on the walls which amp up the ambiance.

Unlimited South Indian thali at Ishtaa
Unlimited South Indian thali at Ishtaa

They have a range of dishes when it comes to breakfast that I absolutely love. From the Masala Dosa to the Ugganni Bajji and Nannari, these are my favourites. However, one thing that I absolutely loved here is the vegetarian thali for lunch. The thali, served on a banana leaf is pretty good and fully loaded. Shop at Ikea and relish a good meal here. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Ishtaa Pure Vegetarian restaurant.

PS: The Ikea outlet is quite popular and there can be waiting at peak times, so please be aware.

Vivaha Bhojnambu

Located in Jubilee Hills, Vivaha Bhojnuambu is loved by the locals including celebrities. The decor is minimal and simple. There are witty captions in Tenglish (Telugu in English) all over the restaurant. The menu is a mix of regional dishes and serves thali for lunch as well.

Starters and drinks. Konaseema Paneer Vepudu is a must try.
Starters and drinks. Konaseema Paneer Vepudu is a must try.

For starters, I’ll recommend Konaseema Paneer Vepudu which is outstanding. It was a version of Ghee Roast Paneer that I’ve had. It looked fiery but it was rich in flavours and I totally loved it. Pappucharu is one of my favourites here – steaming hot rice served with pappu (dal) along with Gongura pickle and ghee. Also Goli Soda and Sithaphal Cream are not to be missed here. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Vivaha Bhojnambu.

Anna Native

Located in Sainikpuri Anna Native is all about a good dining experience with authentic regional flavours. A casual dine-in restaurant perfect for families with a good spread. The interiors are nicely done and a lot of aesthetically pleasing elements are present. The teal colour which is the primary colour is so refreshing and calming.

Classic South Indian food at Anna Native
Classic South Indian food at Anna Native

Aratikaya Vepudu (Raw Banana Fritters) was the best and most unique starter that I’ve had. Also, the Gongura Paneer Tikka is worth a try. Another unique item I had here was Soyabean and Batani Pulao which was different. It has focused on regional flavours and got them right. Being a vegetarian, I was happy that they had a good variety of vegetarian dishes. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Anna Native.

Taaza Kitchen

Taaza Kitchen is the Hyderabadi cousin of the famous Taaza Thindi from Bengaluru. Located at 100ft road in Madhapur, Taaza Kitchen brings the typical ‘stand-and-eat‘ concept from Bengaluru to Hyderabad. Iconic stainless steel tables with natural shade where you can relish your food. They do have a few seating spaces across the place too.

Bengaluru style breakfast at Taaza Kitchen
Bengaluru style breakfast at Taaza Kitchen

It’s a breakfast place where you can eat every item at Taaza Kitchen for under Rs 500! And we did exactly that. Our order included a plate of idli vada, masala dose, chow chow bath, filter coffee & grape juice. All of it cost just around Rs 200. The crispy masala Dose literally took me back to Basvangudi. The dose is a classic Bengaluru-style dose – crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Overall, I’d say the food is pretty good. Read Socialmaharaj’s detailed review of Taaza Kitchen.


Ouvra is located on the 100ft road in Madhapur and aims to bring authentic Telugu flavours beyond tiffins to our tables. Upon entering you’re greeted with a large waiting area with decorated walls and nicely done decor. Upon entering the restaurant, you cannot miss the colourful murals depicting rural life in Telangana. There’s also a distinct wall with brass utensils that add to the overall vibe of the place.

Ragi Sangati and Mudappau Avakkai Annam
Ragi Sangati and Mudappau Avakkai Annam

Ouvra offers a refreshing ambience with a touch of Telangana’s cultural elements. While the menu might seem familiar to regular visitors of other Telugu/Andhra cuisine restaurants in Hyderabad, the dishes we savoured, such as the Mushroom Vepudu and Ragi Sangati, left a delightful impression. Even the Mudapappu Avakkayi Annam was pretty nice. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Ouvra.

Panchakattu Dosa

Panchakattu Dosa is THE place that I’d recommend for a good Rayalaseema-style dosa. They have multiple branches including Madhapur, Jubilee and Banjara Hills. Perfect breakfast spot or for an evening outing. My recommendations are the Ghee Karam Idli, Karam Palya Dosa, and Neeryai Ghee Karam Dosa along with a glass of Nannari.

Delicious Breakfast at Panchakattu Dosa - Idli, Dosa and Nannari
Delicious Breakfast at Panchakattu Dosa – Idli, Dosa and Nannari

Panchakattu Dosa is a place that you should visit to eat and not get things delivered in my opinion. The true essence is eating dosas there itself. I had too much fun eating it, writing this & walking down memory lane. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Panchakattu Dosa (read more than 400,000 times!)

Simply South

Amongst the oldest and most loved South Indian restaurants in Hyderabad is Simply South by Chef Chalapathi Rao. There are multiple outlets, one in Gachibowli and another in Film Nagar. I’ve been to the Film Nagar multiple times for lunch. The vibes of the restaurant indeed take you to the local villages of South Indian states. The music, paintings and decor are inspired by regional cultures.

South Indian Thali at Simply South
South Indian Thali at Simply South

The no-nonsense South Indian thali at Simply South is most sought after. It’s a pure vegetarian thali with a menu that changes every day. The thali is a combination of chef-special dishes. It is an all-you-can-eat unlimited south Indian thali at Simply South. Everything on the thali has a balanced taste and the spice levels are controlled. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Simply South.

Telugu Medium

If you find yourself in Jubilee Hills and are looking to relish Telugu cuisine, Telugu Medium is worth a visit. While it may not redefine the culinary landscape, it does provide a delightful dining experience. The restaurant boasts a generous floor plan, providing ample indoor seating options, including a small outdoor area for those who prefer al fresco dining. Inside, you can pick a cosy spot downstairs or head on up to the first floor, which is nice for smaller gatherings.

Common yet delectable starters
Konaseema Paneer Roast, Bangla Paneer, Veg Lollipop, Thootakoora Liver Fry

Gutthi Vankaya and Thootakoora Liver Fry stood out, proving that sometimes classics are classics for a reason. The Gongura Pulao, in particular, struck a delightful balance between spice and tanginess, leaving our taste buds dancing with joy. Unfortunately, the Ragi Sangati here was a big letdown. While the menu at Telugu Medium is extensive, it doesn’t necessarily bring anything new or extraordinary to the table. The flavours, while decent, didn’t necessarily stand out as exceptional. Read Socialmaharaj’s detailed review of Telugu Medium.

Telangana Spice Kitchen

Located at the end of a road in Jubilee Hills is Telangana Spice Kitchen. The restaurant has paid great attention to the vibes of the place. All the elements from wall paintings to props have been chosen to be in line with the theme of the state. The restaurant is fairly large in size and has multiple seating optionsbalcony and terrace seating – which makes it a great place to dine.

Main Course at Telangana Spice Kitchen
Guthi Vankaya Pulao, Pachi Pulusu and Mudappau

For starters, Golichinna Mushroom is fiery and infused with delicious flavours. Chinna Garelu with Tomato Chutney were small corn fritters served with tangy Tomato chutney. The pairing was perfect and the combo is a must-try. The Guthi Vankaya Pulao was extremely flavoursome. The rice was aromatic and the Vankaya was tender and full of flavours. Read Socialmaharaj’s details review of Telangana Spice Kitchen.

Ragi – The Kitchen

Located in a quaint place on road number 78 is Ragi – The Kitchen. I loved their decor, cutlery, and everything else on the table – especially the coasters. There are terracotta figurines on the walls and an equally beautiful floor along with the faint lighting. Amidst all of this, you have some plants, all of which make you feel at home.

Ragi Sangati, Gutthi Vankaya and Muddapappu Avakkaya Annam at Ragi - south indian restaurants in Hyderabad
Ragi Sangati, Gutthi Vankaya and Muddapappu Avakkaya Annam

Ragi – The Kitchen has a decent menu with dishes from the Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. Avisala Paneer Vepudu was a new experience for me. Paneer coated with flaxseed powder offered a unique flavour profile that was both different and enjoyable. The mains too had the local favourites Ragi Sangati, and Avakkayi Annam to name a few. For desserts, mulberry cream is worth a try. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Ragi – The Kitchen.

Mahamudra at Isha Life

Amidst all the ‘happening‘ places in Jubilee Hills, is Mahamudra – Isha Life’s restaurant that serves wholesome and satvik vegetarian food. The rustic interiors with simple wooden tables and cutleries add to the essence of the place. The dine-in area isn’t one of the largest and the most spacious ones you’d have seen.

Wholesome Vegetarian Buffet
Wholesome Vegetarian Buffet

The restaurant serves classic vegetarian South Indian food. Their menu leans a lot towards Tamilian flavours. Since the theme is satvik, the food is laced with natural ingredients – simple, healthy and delicious. The buffet is a decent spread of satvik and pure vegetarian dishes. While it’s not the largest vegetarian spread I’ve seen, the simplicity in the food is something you cannot get anywhere else. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Mahamudra.

AnTeRa Kitchen & Bar

Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Rayalaseema – AnTeRa. Couldn’t have been named it any better. The waiting area is the instgrammable spot at AnTeRa. The seating space is huge and you have an option to sit on the first floor as well which is semi-open seating. AnTeRa boasts of regional cuisine, however, there are extremely limited choices for a vegetarian.

Smashing Starters at AnTeRa
Smashing Starters at AnTeRa

They have multiple options for starters and mains. Thootakoora Liver Fry is a nice one to try along with Bangla Paneer. In fact, you’ll find the same items at Telugu Medium as well. The flavours were too great. For mains, I’d recommend trying Palakuru iggu – imagine an Italian combination of corn and Spinach but sans cheese and cream. If you are a non-vegetarian, you’ll surely have a good time in terms of the variety of options to choose from. Read my detailed review of AnTeRa.

Pakka Local

Pakka Local also has multiple branches, Going by the filmy theme, Pakka Local has nicely done, upbeat interiors with portraits of popular movies, actors, and actresses. Everything right from the cutlery to the selection of chairs and tables is done keeping in mind the theme and the essence of the place.

South & North Indian main course
South & North Indian main course

Pakka Local is all about getting South Indian flavours to our plates. Putta Godugula (Mushrooms) was nicely done. Also, the veg basket is worth a try. For mains, the Chinta Chirugu Pulav is one of the finest Pulavs that I have had. They also have North Indian dishes that you can relish too. Read Socialmaharaj’s detailed review of Pakka Local.

Subbayya Gari

Originally founded by Subbayya Garu in the 1950s as a mess, the restaurant has expanded to popular cities in South India and has multiple branches in Hyderabad. Known for its pure vegetarian meals served on a banana leaf, Subbayya Gari is the epitome for pure vegetarian Andhra meals.

Pure Vegetarian meals at Subbayya Gari Review
Pure Vegetarian meals at Subbayya Gari

The Andhra meals are perfect for any occasion and do complete justice to the price. While you can order the meals at home, the joy of having it on a banana leaf at the restaurant is unmatchable. At Rs 250 per meal, this was a total paisa vasool meal and I’d suggest everyone try it once. Read my review of Subbayya Gari.

Rayalaseema Ruchulu

Rayalaseema Ruchulu in Jubilee Hills is the only outlet serving a buffet. The buffet area is right in the centre of the restaurant. The other outlets of the restaurant serve a’la carte but this one only serves buffet.

Aha! Rayalaseema Food spread
Aha! Rayalaseema Food spread

Sundelu, Sadda Vada with Erra Karam, Vayi Pindi Bonda, Cut Mirchi Bajji and my favourite Alasnda Vada are some of the dishes that you must try here. The mains are also pretty nice and they have a revolving menu with a different dish every day. Read Socialmaharaj’s review of Rayalaseema Ruchulu.

Evolving list of South Indian Restaurants in Hyderabad

This list of the top South Indian restaurants in Hyderabad is created based on my personal experiences and culinary adventures in the city. But I want to emphasize that the vibrant food scene in Hyderabad is ever-evolving, and new gems continue to emerge.

I must confess, there are still some noteworthy places, like Spicy Venue, that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit yet. Rest assured, my mission to explore and savour the finest South Indian cuisine in Hyderabad is ongoing.

So, here’s a promise: I’ll keep this list up-to-date with fresh insights and new discoveries. As I visit more restaurants, I’ll add them to this list, ensuring that you have the most accurate and comprehensive guide to South Indian dining in Hyderabad.

In the meantime, I encourage you to share this list with your friends, family, and fellow food enthusiasts. Plan your visits, relish the diverse flavours, and immerse yourself in the rich culinary heritage of South India.

If you want to suggest a restaurant, share your suggestions in the comments below, tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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