Ohri's Uppu - Kitchens of South India
Ohri's Uppu - Kitchens of South India

First Review of Ohri’s Uppu – Kitchens of South India

One of the most recognized chain of restaurants in Hyderabad is Ohri’s. They are known for the North Indian cuisine along with great ambiance. With over 20 restaurant in the city, each Ohri’s restaurant has a different feel to it. Ohri’s 70mm at Necklace road and Nautanki Gali in Hitech City are known for their filmy ambiance. While Rubaiyat and Tansen are known for their royal ambiance and good food. Jiva & De Thali are known for the pure vegetarian offerings along with refreshing ambiance. With so many outlets already, Ohri’s have started their newest restaurant Ohri’s Uppu. I was the first one to visit the restaurant and post this review post. Hence this is the First Ohri’s Uppu Review

Kitchens of South India – The Black Ambiance

Located off Road No. 12 Banjara Hills, the Ohri’s building is an important landmark. It already has Ohri’s Chowpatti and Ohri’s Eatmore. Uppu is their new exclusive South Indian restaurant on the first floor. Uppu for all of you who don’t know, means Salt in most of the South Indian languages. Like always, Ohri’s have done a remarkable job with the theme of the restaurant. Painted in black and copper colored cutlery, Ohri’s Uppu reminds you of an ancient black stone temple.

Ohri's Uppu Ambiance - Black is talk of the town.
Ohri’s Uppu Ambiance – Black is talk of the town.

The intricate designs on the pillars and the choice of upholstery and cutlery are bang on. This black themed restaurant does have a bar along with a live counter. They’ve paid attention to the smallest of details and ensured everything matches the theme. Do check out their washroom too 😉 Live music is played which is soothing. I however do wonder, why they played Bollywood classics and not south Indian music ? Nonetheless, Ohri’s Uppu lives up to it’s brand identity of amazing ambiance.

South Indian Spread at Ohri’s Uppu – Review

Ohri’s Uppu as I said is an exclusive south Indian restaurant offering carefully curated dishes from Karnataka, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The menu is segregated by states and has both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. They serve thali during lunch and a la carte for dinner. I had quite a few of the dishes from a la carte and here’s the Review of Ohri’s Uppu.

Indian Starters are Delicious

How often you come across a restaurant that serves Indian starters ? Manchurians and 65s have taken over the starters menu at most places. Dishes like Kebabs and Tikkas find mention at a few place. Ohri’s Uppu have taken a bold move of putting up vadas under starters. We had the Alasandalu Vada ,Mokka Jonna Garelu and Paneer Varuval.

Desi Starters at Ohri's Uppu
Paneer Varuval, Alasandalu Vada and Mokka Jonna

Alasandalu Vada was made from lentils and were crispy. While the Mokka vada were made from corn. Both these were served hot and were delicious. These were served with fresh coconut chutney and a special fried curry leaves preparation. Paneer Varuval was different from the regular Paneer starters I’ve had. The black pepper made the difference. Apart from this, they also have a variety of papads and sweet-salty-spicy bread sticks which are delicious. Over all loved the desi starters and would definitely try more of them.

Homely Main Course

One of the best things about south Indian cuisines is that they are quite basic and simple. They do have a lot of masala, but the cooking style is what makes the difference. For main course we had the Kai Korma from Karnataka and Kari Kari Chettinad. Kai Korma is a mix vegetable curry which is mildly spiced. Something that I enjoy. Kari Kari Chettinad packed a punch with the masalas and I totally loved it. Had these with fresh Malabar Parathas, and boy they were outstanding. They’ve mastered the art of Malabar Paratha, the crispiness, the texture and the taste, everything was bang on.

Main Course at Ohri's Uppu
Kai Dosa, Kari Kari Chettinad, Appam with Avial, Kai Korma with Malabar Paratha

There’s also a live counter which serves a few dishes. I tried the Appam and even witnessed the making of it. Appam was served with Aviala traditional Kerala dish made in coconut milk with boiled vegetables and a healthy doze of ginger. This was simply outstanding. If you simple food with no nonsense masalas, Avial is the one for you.Apart from this, I also had Kai Dosa which was apparently not made from oil. Soft and fluffy, they looked and felt like cousins of set dosa. Overall, the main course at Ohri’s Uppu is good. I’m sure my non vegetarian friends would have more to talk on that front.

Far-out mock-tails

With a bar attached, Ohri’s Uppu serves some really uncommon cocktails and mocktails. Being a teetotaler, I was served with their 3 signature drinks: Uppu’s Fresh Lime Black, Chocolate Uthadukal and Vera Level. How many of you have seen Black fresh lime soda ? Ohri’s Uppu have their very own version to go with the all black theme of the restaurant. Chocolate Uthadukal is white chocolate with ginger and pomegranate. A different drink which many of you might like. The Vera level was a different take on drinks with Pineapple and Jalapenos with Soda. The drink has a different taste and might take some time before you actually start liking it.

Mocktail at Ohri's Uppu
Chocolate Uthadukal, Vera Level and Uppu’s Fresh Lime Black

Uncommon Desserts

Moving on to the desserts, I was already full by the time I was deciding on desserts. I called the manager to suggest the best desserts they’ve got. In no time, came in two wonderful looking dishes. Elaneer Cheese Cake with Peach Phirnee and the Filter Coffee Mousse with Ganache. The Elaneer cheese cake was outstanding. The coconut pieces and the flavors were refreshing. The Phirnee tasted pretty good but was heavily sweet. Phirnee are generally meant to be less sweet from what I know.

Desserts at Ohri's Uppu
Filter Coffee Mousse, Phirnee, Elaneer Cheese Cake

The next dish that came in was the Filter Coffee Mousse. Served in a typical south Indian way of serving filter coffee with a glass in a bowl with the froth over it. Nobody can guess that this is a dessert and not a beverage. The first spoon of this mousse will take you to another level. The strong aroma and taste of coffee is evident and that makes it stand apart. The mousse is soft and fluffy. If you are a coffee lover, you should try this. This is probably the best dessert I’ve had of late.

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Final Verdict: You must visit Ohri’s Uppu

For Rs 3000 for 3 people meal I will say it is good and affordable. The entire experience – ambiance, food and service – is quite nice. Loved the bread sticks, vadas and the Appam with Avial. The Malabar Parathas were outstanding. I however would have tried some different curries. Their take on drinks and desserts paid off in style. The drinks are off beat and refreshing while the desserts steal the show. Overall a wonderful place for a delicious meal. Thanks to Mr. Manas, Mr. Rajnikanth and Mr. Ram for providing the wonderful experience. That’s about Ohri’s Uppu Review. What are you looking forward to the most at Ohri’s Uppu ? Mention in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj

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