Hyderabad Metro - Clean Stations
Hyderabad Metro - Clean Stations

Hyderabad Metro – My First Ride Experience

Agla Station Ameerpet Hain, Darwaaze dain taraf khulenge. Kripya doori ka dhyaan de…” are those words that my ears had been wanting to hear. Having stayed in Noida for over 4 years, the Delhi Metro had become the default mode of transport. With on time performance(mostly) and great connectivity, Metro was the preferred choice always. I remember, I used to drive to Sec 37 Botanical Garden Metro station, park my Activa there and then roam around Delhi in the Metro. The trend of Metro has spread like forest fire with every city working on it (even though there’s no need of it IMO) Hyderabad too like other cities has the Metro. Though it has taken quite some time to open it for public, I’m glad that it happened. And what more than nation’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming over to inaugurate the Hyderabad Metro.

Hyderabad Metro – The Current Status April 2018

As of now, the Metro runs between Miyapur and Nagole with a changeover required at Ameerpet. This is the only phase that is currently functioning while others are still under progress. This seems to be the longest stretch of the Hyderabad Metro as it takes you from one end of the city to another. If you are a Cricket fan and want to support the home team , then the Hyderabad Metro can take you there. Uppal Stadium is the station and is at a walking distance.However due to the current timings of the Metro, if you are in for an 8PM match, you won’t find a Metro to take you back. So have a look at the map before proceeding.

Before I talk about my experience, please note that there are few things that you should keep in mind while travelling on the Metro. Wondering what are they ? Read them here. A few tips on How you should travel in Metros. And I’m sure you’ll find these useful.

My First Ride experience – Hyderabad Metro

I remember the first few weeks after the Metro was opened to public. There was utter chaos and the newspapers were filled in with experience of people travelling on the Metro for the first time. I too wanted to be among the first few to experience it and have a post but that happened few months later. Never mind. So I was in Tarnaka for some work and Uber demanded a hefty fare of 370 going to SR Nagar – that’s way too costly. The next best option that I could try was the Hyderabad Metro.

Hyderabad Metro Card - Cheap and Convenient.
Hyderabad Metro Card – Cheap and Convenient.

Clean Stations

The station was relatively empty when I walked in as the counters were dry. Instead of buying a token, I decided to go or the Hyderabad Metro Card. The card is available for Rs 150 which translates to Rs 50 as a security deposit and Rs 100 as card balance. Good thing is that the Hyderabad Metro card can be recharged online using PayTM. The security at the station is done by a private firm and not the CISF or police like in Delhi. Because there aren’t many people the stations are neat and clean. One of the things that I’d highlight would be the display board at the platforms. They mention the duration in which the next train will arrive – which is fixed. I.e. It will show the next train will arrive in 15 mins and stays 15 minutes until the train arrives. It should be dynamic like the Delhi Metro which has a count down timer based on the train’s arrival time.

Hyderabad Metro - Clean Stations
Hyderabad Metro – Clean Stations

Nicely done interiors on Hyderabad Metro

The inside of the Hyderabad Metro isn’t quite different from that of the Delhi Metro. I got in and chose my favourite spot – the one where the two compartments join. The few noticeable difference between Delhi Metro and Hyderabad Metro is that the route maps in Hyderabad Metro are shown on LCD screens rather than LED boards on the Delhi Metro. Also there were a lot of charging points inside the coach. Further being the home to Nizams, the Hyderabad Metro is adorned with these designs on the ceiling. And since this is the inaugural phase, the Hyderabad Metro just has three coaches per train as of now so that get can crowded at times.

LCD Screens, Designs on Hyderabad Metro
LCD Screens, Designs on Hyderabad Metro

Wait for Hyderabad Metro to run at Full Capacity

As of now, only 1 phase of the Hyderabad Metro is open. You cannot travel to places like Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills and the Airport as of now on the Hyderabad Metro. I’m sure the day when the Hyderabad Metro starts its full operations, I’m sure there were a lot fewer cars of the roads. If you are a Hyderabadi and haven’t yet been on the Metro, do try it out. If you have already tried it, share you experience in the comments below or tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj. Follow me on Instagram for amazing updates !

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