Vegetarian Spread at Dineout Passport Experience
Vegetarian Spread at Dineout Passport Experience

Dineout Passport Experience – Lunch at Parampara, Hyderabad

As a child, I don’t have many memories of visiting many restaurants with my family. Back in the day, any special occasion meant Gulab Jamuns being prepared at home along with pulao, Paneer and raita. I’m sure many of you could relate to this. Dining out was never something that most of us (read our families) looked forward to. It’s only in the last decade or so, things have changed. People now dine out frequently – either to celebrate a special occasion or for a casual outing.

Further, dining out nowadays is not just about the food, it’s about the complete dining experience. Ambience, service, food, price, hospitality are just some of the factors that come into play when you talk about the dining experience.

Last week, I was invited to experience a vegetarian spread in Hyderabad – yes it’s not a typo, it was a pure vegetarian spread in Hyderabad. As part of my Dineout Passport experience, I along with a few other foodies were invited for lunch at Parampara, Hyderabad. And being the real Food Blogger from Hyderabad, this blog post will be about my Dineout Passport experience of the lavish lunch spread that we had at Parampara Hyderabad.

Dineout Passport – Foodies’ Brahmastra

As our disposable incomes have increased, we often look forward to new experiences. Be it dining, travelling or adventure. When it comes to food, many of us want to dine at luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants. However, many of us turn away because of the hefty bill. I won’t deny that the food is expensive at fine dining restaurants, but that’s worth it. It’s not only the experience but the quality of ingredients used, the way it is prepared etc.

Gourmet Passport allows only 3 coupons to be redeemed.
Gourmet Passport allows only 3 coupons to be redeemed.

Dineout Passport is here to help you with just that. Irrespective of where you plan to eat – normal or fancy restaurants, Dineout Passport provides you with discounts that no other subscription does. As much as this sounds pushy, trust me, I’m a paying customer of Dineout Passport for over 3 years now. It provides you with amazing discounts on food – 1 + 1 on Food, 1 + 1 on drinks, 1 + 1 on buffets and as much as 50% discount on the bill at fine dining restaurants. So if you are someone who eats out too much, getting a Dineout Passport Membership is a good move.

In the past, I’ve dined at places like Okra at Marriott, Bidri at Marriott, Feast at Sheraton, Chill & Terrace at Radisson Blu thanks to my Dineout Passport membership. Hence I feel that Dineout Passport is Foodies’ Brahmastra.

Parampara – Flavours of India, Banjara Hills

Located at a busy crossing in Banjara Hills, Parampara is a relatively new restaurant in the city. It’s a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves an array of items. A typical multi-cuisine restaurant, Parampara serves Indian, Chinese and continental dishes. The entrance to the restaurant is nicely done, with elephant statues inviting you. Not one of the grandest facades I’ve seen, nonetheless it’s welcoming. Talking about the ambience, it’s a nice place with desi vibes to it. From the wall paintings to the music, everything reminds you of the traditions and values a.k.a. Parampara of India.

Dineout Passport Experience at Parampara Hyderabad
Dineout Passport Experience at Parampara Hyderabad

The place isn’t large but can surely seat 60-80 people. It also has a small buffet area in the corner which I presume can get crowded during peak hours. The highlight however is the cabana dining spaces. There are about 4-5 cabanas or cabins that provide a unique dining experience of sitting on the ground and eating. There are cushions and movable tables which means that you don’t have to torture yourself to sit down and eat. Overall, I liked the place, nothing fancy but lives up to its name.

Saavan Special Vegetarian Lunch

Saavan (Sawan) is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. This month is all about prayer, devotion and fasting dedicated to Lord Shiva. It signifies the onset of the southwestern monsoon too. Parampara Hyderabad along with Dineout Passport hosted a Saavan special vegetarian lunch. Parampara, being one of the pure vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad, had a carefully curated menu in place to commemorate the month of Saavan. The menu included a mix of Rajasthani and North Indian dishes along with Salads.

The Saavan special lunch spread included the following items:

  • Salads: Sizzler Salad, Khoshla Salad (Coleslaw)
  • Starters: Garlic Stuffed Mushrooms, Paneer Shashlik, Rajasthani Kachori
  • Main Course: Dal Baati Choorma, Rajasthani Kadhi, Gatte Ki Subzi, Paneer Khurchan, Kurkuri Bhindi and Pineapple Raita
  • Rice & Breads: Potli Biryani, Navrattan Special Biryani, Assorted breads – Rotis, Parathas, Naan
  • Desserts: Ghevar, Ras Malai

The salads are one dish that I always pass when I see there’s a good spread. That was the case here too. I had a spoon of each and nothing special about those. Talking about starters, Garlic Stuffed Mushroom was spicy for my tastebuds. Paneer Shashlik was pretty nicely done, though seemed a bit oily, I loved the subtle flavour. Rajasthani Kachori was misleading as there are a variety of kachoris – Pyaz Kachori, Aloo Kachori, Mava Kachori to name a few. This one was a dal kachori. Unlike the usual kachori, this wasn’t crispy but the flavours were good. Different from the regular kachoris that I have in Hyderabad.

Starters & Salads at Parampara Hyderabad
Starters & Salads at Parampara Hyderabad

Coming to the mains, Dal Baati Choorma was the highlight of the lunch. While it looked delectable, it wasn’t amongst the best I’ve had. The dal could have been more flavoursome and the Choorma was also different. Rajasthani Kadhi was decent, had a balanced flavour and wasn’t too tangy or salty. Gatte Ki Subzi was one of the best I’ve had off late. The besan dumplings were very soft and were infused with gravy flavour. Paneer Khurchan was my favourite of the day. It was rich, and for once didn’t taste like any other gravy dishes that I’ve had. This along with Garlic Naan is a must-try here.

Rajasthani Delicacies at Dineout Passport Experience
Rajasthani Delicacies at Dineout Passport Experience

There were a couple of rice preparations – Potli Biryani and Navrattan Special Biryani. For a person like me who hates fruits in cooked meals, the Navrattan Biryani wasn’t something that I enjoyed. It was loaded with fruits. The Potli Biryani on the other hand was good on flavours. Long grained rice with subtle masalas went well with Pineapple raita.

On to the desserts, I’ve had Ghevar in Jaipur and this wasn’t of that level. while it had the texture, it was too hard. I expected it to be served with a serving of rabri which wasn’t the case. The Rasmalai on the other hand was rich and flavoursome. On the beverages front, I had Peach and Watermelon Mojito and the Watermelon Mojito was refreshing.

Vegetarian Spread at Dineout Passport Experience
Vegetarian Spread at Dineout Passport Experience

An affair to remember

Being a loyal Dineout passport customer, I was pleased when the team invited me to the Dineout Passport Experience event. The event was nicely organized and the ethnic dress code just added to the whole experience. Folks from Parampara and Dineout were at their best and their hospitality was great. They were patient and polite and explained every dish to us. The spread was also pretty good with the Rajasthani dishes making it to the menu. The Gatte Ki Subzi, Paneer Khurchan and Potli Biryani are the dishes that I had multiple servings of.

I’ve become a fan of the Paneer Khurchan and I’ll surely either dine-in or order from Parampara soon. And with Dineout Passport membership, my dining experience at Parampara is surely going to be exciting. Are you a Dineout Passport member? Let me know in the comments below, Tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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