Exquisite Farm Stay near Hyderabad - Bliss Farm Stay
Exquisite Farm Stay near Hyderabad - Bliss Farm Stay

Exquisite Farm Stays Near Hyderabad – Bliss Farm Stay Review

How many times have you wished for staying at a place that is away from the city noises? I’m sure this thought has crossed your mind at least once. Maybe it’s because you genuinely want to get away from everything and spend time in peace and tranquillity. Or it might just be another Instagram reel that makes you want to visit one. Farm stays have become one of the best ways to do so. These farm stays are huge & not too far from the city too.

There are a lot of such farm stays near Hyderabad. And one such farm stay that I was recently invited to spend a night was Bliss Farm Stay. And trust me, this is one of those instagrammable places. So let’s get straight into my experience of staying at the exquisite Bliss Farm Stay.

Farm Stays near Hyderabad – Where is Bliss Farm Stay?

I’ve been vocal about the fact that there aren’t many good places from Hyderabad that are a few hours drive. Apart from Bidar, Ananthagiri there are just a handful of places. However, there are a lot of farm stays near Hyderabad. Travel for about an hour on any of the highways, cross the ORR and you’ll find a lot of them.

Bliss Farm Stay is one such exquisite farm stay that is located off the Srisailam Highway. It’s located in Karkalpahad village in Mahbubnagar district. And considering the distance of about ~100kms, it makes for a perfect drive as well. Take the airport route via PVNR flyover, take an exit after the airport on the ORR, and eventually join the Srisailam highway.

What is at the Bliss Farm Stay

Like I said there are quite a few farm stays near Hyderabad, however, Bliss Farm Stay is quite different from all of them. It’s a premium farm stay where you can experience nature and luxury at the same time. It’s an exotic destination with all modern-day luxury. It can accommodate a maximum of 15 guests. If you’re planning an event there, the maximum capacity is 70.

Exquisite Farm Stay near Hyderabad - Bliss Farm Stay
Exquisite Farm Stay near Hyderabad – Bliss Farm Stay

Instagrammable Glasshouse

The first thing that you’ll notice the moment you reach Bliss Farm Stay is the huge glasshouse in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by small hills and greenery, the glasshouse just stands out. The massive glasshouse is like it’s taken right out of those fancy Instagram posts. It’s spread across a massive 6000 sqft with high ceilings, designer interiors and abundant lighting. The huge glass panes overlook the front garden and the farm.

Modern Luxury within the glasshouse
Modern Luxury within the glasshouse

The ground floor has a plush seating area, a small living room, a dining area and an open kitchen. The first floor has 3 rooms with attached bathrooms along with a cosy sit-out that overlooks the hillocks and the farms on the other side. The best part about the glasshouse is the evening looks, it looks extremely beautiful and luxurious during the dawn and dusk. The downside however is that it gets too hot during the day. The ACs aren’t powerful enough to cool such a massive glasshouse basking under the hot sun of the Deccan.

Simple and cosy rooms

The three rooms on the first floor are quite spacious and can easily accommodate a family of 3 in each room. The interiors are simple and the choice of colours are spot on. Each room has a double bed along with a single, foldable cot in them. There’s ample lighting in the rooms be it during the day or night.

Rooms at Bliss Farm Stay
Rooms at Bliss Farm Stay

The attached bathrooms have 24 x 7 running water along with high-quality sanitary ware. It’s a well-stocked bathroom with the basic amenities that you’d need. Overall, the rooms are good, not as cosy or luxurious as a star hotel, but definitely better than other farm stays near Hyderabad.

Garden, Orchards and everything else

On the outside, there’s a garden that overlooks the glasshouse. It has a paved pathway for walking along with benches that are perfect for an evening. There are flowers all around that bring in the much-required blast of colours. There’s also a dedicated born fire area too.

Garden, Orchards and jogging track at Bliss Farm Stay
Garden, Orchards and jogging track at Bliss Farm Stay

They also have their own orchard surrounded by coconut trees and a jogging track. The 3-acre fruit orchard is home to Papayas, Guavas, Lemon and a few other fruits and flowering plants. An early morning walk amidst the canopy of trees paired with the sounds of chirping birds and a cool breeze is enough to take off all the stress you have.

Apart from that, they have a volleyball/badminton court and a parking area that can accommodate up to 4 cars. We had a Honda Jazz, a Swift and a Nissan Sunny. (Yes, It’s a caaaaar)

My experience at Bliss Farm Stay

We were a group of 4 who reached here around 3 and were welcomed by a high tea. The high tea was prepared by the caretakers staying there. It had authentic Poha served with chai, fresh fruits, local snacks like Murkulu, chips and biscuits. The food was top notch and the fact that it was fresh and prepared in front of our eyes.

Later in the day, we spent time doing some activities followed by our dance fitness session with Vijaya Tupurani. (Yes, the master instructor who was associated with Zumba and Cult Fit) It was an energetic and draining session but it was super fun.

We were then served a delicious and authentic Marathi dinner. It consisted of Jowar Roti, Brinjal Curry, Rice, Amtee along with a spicy thecha. The food was finger-licking good. We also had Gajar Halwa and Gulab Jamun for desserts. (What else you’d want!)

Delicious food we got.
Delicious food we got.

We then spent time at the bonfire under a starry and cool night. It kept us warm for quite some time as we discussed everything under the sun. From the first time, we saw a telephone to how our childhood was. Well past midnight we decided to get in and utilize the plush sitting area. Thanks to the fully stocked kitchen and fridge we had things to munch on and drink as we chatted until 3 AM (Yes, Maharaj can stay up occasionally)

The next morning we had a good walk amidst nature around the orchard. This was followed by some hot coffee that we prepared along with a local Idli/Dosa breakfast. We then got ready and checked out around 1. While we thought it was over, we all were given a bag of fresh Guavas and Papayas from the farm. Trust me these were the freshest fruits I’ve had.

A big thanks to Anand, Balaji and their families who were there all around the clock to assist us with everything.

How much does it cost to stay at Bliss Farm Stay?

I’m sure that by looking at the photos of the property and reading my experience, you’d be wondering how much does it cost to stay at the exquisite Bliss Farm Stay? Before I get into the pricing, let me list down the amenities offered here:


  • WiFi
  • Barbeque
  • Bonfire
  • Music System
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave & OTG
  • RO Drinking Water
  • Music System
  • Books
  • Badminton & Volleyball court
  • Jogging Track
  • Gym Area
  • On-campus caretakers
  • CCTV surveillance

Pricing of Bliss Farm Stay

As I mentioned earlier, I was here on an invite. But pricing was something we all wanted to know. Bliss Farm Stay have a pricing system that resembles a typical Airbnb. What I mean is that the food is not included in the price. You can either get your own groceries, veggies etc and prepare your food in the kitchen or pay some amount to the caretakers and they can prepare the meals for you. (This piece isn’t clear yet as to how much you need to pay for 3 meals). You can also order using Swiggy and Zomato from the handful of dhabas on the highway. Keeping this aside, here are the pricing tiers:

  • Rs 10,000/night – upto 4 people
  • Rs 15,000/night – 5-7 people
  • Rs 20,000/night – 8-12 people
  • Rs 25,000/night – 13- 15 people

In each of these, you get a room and access to the entire property. For example, if you are a family of 4. You’ll get two rooms and the entire place for yourself. There won’t be anyone else staying along with you. It’s however applicable for weekdays, but that can be clarified with the team.

How to book a stay at Bliss Farm Stays

You can reach out to their team at [email protected], contact them at +91 7842436644 or visit their website. If you’re planning to stay here, you can also use my coupon code ATUL20 to get a flat 20% discount on the next booking. This code is valid until May 2022.

Scope for improvement

Having shared my experience and the pricing, there are a few things that can be improved according to me. I’ve stayed at a lot of places and considering the property and the pricing, there are surely a few things that can be improved.

Currently, there’s only badminton and volleyball and it’s super boring during the day when you don’t have anything with you. However, there should be more activities. Especially during the afternoons when the sun is beating hard, guests would want to have something to spend time on. Some board games, gaming consoles, TV etc. would keep the guests entertained.

Further, I’m not a swimmer and often stay away from water. However, the swimming pool is an attraction for which people come. And at that price point, there should be a swimming pool. Not a large, luxurious one. But a simple one would be perfect for guests to enjoy a dip. Even having a few cycles for kids/adults would be nice as kids could cycle along the jogging track.

Lastly, being a foodie, I’d strongly want food to be a part of the package. The caretakers there are a group of Maharashtrian families and the food they prepared for us was authentic and delicious. The pricing could be altered in such a way that the 3 meals could be made a part of it. That way when anyone visits, they aren’t bothered about anything and just go there and relax.

A luxurious farm stay near Hyderabad

I’m sure you’re wanting to go to Bliss Farm Stay after reading this. And I’d say, do go there. Plan a weekend getaway with your family or friends and trust me you’ll have a good time. Afternoons might be boring unless you have anything planned. But evenings and mornings are super amazing.

A perfect itinerary would be reaching there by afternoon, spending a night and checking out the next morning after breakfast. The campus is pretty good and extremely well maintained. The house in itself is clean and have sanitisers all around it. There are quiet spots where you can even work from. The open kitchen is perfect for cooks like me who can get in and prepare a meal.

Overall, I truly loved my stay. A good short drive that leads to this luxurious abode in the middle of nowhere is bliss. If you’re stressed and want to get away from your daily routine, drop by the Bliss Farm Stay with your loved ones and you’d not feel like going back!

If you have any queries about the place or comments, drop them below. Tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj, DM on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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