Product Reviews

Collection of posts talking about various products that I’ve reviewed over time. These are not only limited to gadgets !

Hyderabad calling for Comio – Comio X1 Note Tech Specs

Comio Mobiles launch in Andhra and Telangana

Every segment in today’s smartphone landscape is seeing tough competition. Be it the high-end market where you have Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus locking horns of the mid-range arena where Xiaomi has been killing it. Management student ? Porter’s 5 Forces Model applies here perfectly. There’s a threat from new entrants – …

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Fortify your Apps with ViaSocket – Socket for your Software

Fortify Your Apps with ViaSocket

Computers and Humans are different, however there are a few similarities. Just like humans have generations, computers too have their own generations. What started with the iconic Intel 8086 processor, today it’s all about Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake multi-core processors. Like humans have languages, computers too have languages. Be …

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