Unlimited South Indian thali at Ishtaa
Unlimited South Indian thali at Ishtaa

The Ultimate Vegetarian’s Guide To Hyderabad

Being amongst the only vegetarian food blogger in Hyderabad (not instagrammer), I’ve written extensively about vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad. From road side food carts to fine dining restaurants, I’ve covered them all.

While I have done that, I felt that there’s a need for a vegetarian’s guide to Hyderabad which talks about places they can go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So in this post, I’ll list out vegetarian restaurants in Hyderabad and segregate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The focus of this guide to Hyderabad would only be pure vegetarian restaurants.

Vegetarian’s Guide To Hyderabad

Hyderabad has seen a surge in number of vegetarian eateries over the past few years. When I moved to Hyderabad in 2014, there weren’t many. However, I’ve seen quite a few of them come up in the recent past, some of them have become my absolute favorite. I’ll try to cover all of them in this ultimate Vegetarian’s guide to Hyderabad post.

Vegetarian's Guide To Hyderabad
Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Hyderabad

In terms of culture, people in Hyderabad prefer to start the day with something light along with some Irani Chai. Lunches are usually heavy and meals/thalis are quite popular. From road side food trucks to fancy restaruants, all of them serve thalis. Dinner again can be something light or all in.

Breakfast – Kick-Off Your Day Right

Like every city in India, Hyderabad too has a few dishes that are quite popular when it comes to breakfast. Tiffins as they call it locally, dishes like Idli-Vada, Dosa, Bajji and Bonda are quite popular. You’ll also find Poori Bhaji at a few places. Below is the list of places you must visit for a good vegetarian breakfast in Hyderabad.

  • Panchakattu Dosa – Rayalaseema style Masala Dosa, Podi Idli and Nannari are must try here. Outlets in Madhapur and Banjara Hills.
  • Taaza Kitchen – Cousin of Bangalore’s famous Taaza Thindi. Chow Chow Bath, Dose, Idli Wada and filter coffee are must try. Located at 100ft Road, Madhapur.
  • Ishtaa – Upscale pure vegetarian restaurant serving array of breakfast dishes. Masala Dosa, Podi Idli, Uggani Bajji & filter coffee are quite good here. Located next to Ikea.
Delicious Breakfast at Panchakattu Dosa - Idli, Dosa and Nannari
Delicious Breakfast at Panchakattu Dosa – Idli, Dosa and Nannari
  • Govind ki Bandi – 5 decade old food cart services dosas. Masala Dosa and Tawa Idli are my absolute favoruite here. Located in the lane opposute Gulzar House, Charminar.
  • Pragathi Tiffins – Another legendary breakfast place in Hyderabad. Special Paneer Masala Dosa & Ganga Jamuna are worth a try. Located opposite Pragathi Women’s degree college, Koti.
Ganga Jamuna & Idli Wada at Pragathi Tiffins
Ganga Jamuna & Idli Wada with delicious chutney
  • Chutneys – What Haldirams is to Nagpur, Chutney’s is to Hyderabad. Age old eatery dishing out good food. MLA Pessarattu & Guntur Idli are my favorite here. Don’t miss out on the chutneys! Has multiple branches – HiTech City, LB Nagar, Begumpet, Jubilee Hills etc.
  • Taj Mahal – Another iconic restaurant serving vegetarian food in Hyderabad. Masala Dosa & Idli are my favourite here. Located in Abids, Begumpet and Jubilee Hills.

To add to these, you can have some piping hot Irani Chai at Nimrah Cafe opposite Charminar.

Lunch & DinnerFuel Up To Keep Going

Coming to Lunch, Hyderabad has go a lot of options when it comes to things you can eat. There is this south Indian/Andhra/Rayalaseema thali that is served at many places. Or a typical north Indian spread. Since thali is served only during lunch, I’d recommend eating the thali for lunch and keeping everything else for dinner. Below is the list of places you must visit for a filling vegetarian lunch in Hyderabad.

South Indian

  • Ishtaa – A delicious unlimited South Indian thali is pretty good here. Located opposite Ikea.
  • Mahamudra – If you’re looking for saatvik food, Mahamudra will not disappoint. Located at Isha, Banjara Hills
Unlimited South Indian thali at Ishtaa
Unlimited South Indian thali at Ishtaa
  • Subbayya Gari – fancy a meal on Banana leaf? Subbaya Gari’s Andhra meals is affordable & delicious too. Has multiple outlets in Kondapur, Kukatpally.
  • Chutneys – They also serve a fixed south Indian thali, though not my favourite. Multiple outlets.
Wholesome Vegetarian Buffet
Wholesome Vegetarian Buffet
  • Taj Mahal – They had decent offerings when it comes to lunch, their thali is worth a try. They also have a dedicated outlet called Thalis in Abids.
  • Anand Bhavan – their thalis are simple and delicious. Located near Charminar. The only pure vegetarian restaurant in the area based on my knowledge.

Apart from south Indian thalis, there are other vegetarian options that you must try.

  • Rajthali – Fancy a Gujarati/Rajasthani thali? Try Rajthali, their unlimited thalis are filling & affordable. Located in Hyderguda and Jubilee Hills.
  • Signature Grills – Lavish buffet spread with grill on table, it’s a heaven for Vegetarians. Located in Thrill City near Hussain Sagar.
Vegetarian BBQ and starters
Vegetarian BBQ, starters and delicious chat
  • Ohri’s Jiva – An affordable multi cuisine pure vegetarian buffet that’s loved by all. Located in Begumpet.
  • Santosh Dhaba – There are a lot of them in the city, but the original one is in Koti. A typical punjabi affair is what you’ll get here. Located near Pragathi Tiffins, Koti.
  • Kapoor’s – new entrant to Hyderabad, & quite popular for rich Punjabi flavours. Any gravy, Dal Makhni or Parathas are must try here. Located in Banjara Hills.
  • Amritsar Haveli – an outlet of the Haveli chain of highway restaurants from North. Serves delicious Punjabi food with great flavours. Located in Banjara Hills.
Our main course dishes at Smoky Pitara
Our main course dishes at Smoky Pitara
  • Smoky Pitara – A place to relish good north Indian food. They have buffet and a’la carte options, but buffet is worht a try. Located in Jubilee Hills.
  • A’la Liberty – Another pure vegetarian restaurant celebrating vegetarian food in Hyderabad. Choose between a multi-cuisine buffet or a’la carte. Located in Banjara Hills and HiTech City.
  • Mumbai Masala – a multi cuisine restaurant serving delicious food.Their Maharashtrian snacks are worth a try. Perfect for family outings. Located at SD Road, Begumpet and Narayanguda.
  • Tatva – a fine dining pure vegetarian multi cuisine restuarant. Located in Jubilee Hills.
  • Parampara – another popular multi cuisine restaurant with a good buffet & a’la carte as well. Located in Banjara Hills.
Mumbai Masalaa Starters
Mumbai Masalaa Starters

Hyderabad No Place For Vegetarians? Think Again

If you’ve been thinking that the Biryani loving city of Nizams has nothing for Vegetarians, think again. There are quite a few pure vegetarian restuarants in city that cater to the needs of vegetarians. While this ultimate vegetarian’s guide to Hyderabad focuses only on pure vegetarian restuarants, there are other good restaurants that serve good vegetarian food.

So if you’re a vegetarian planning a trip to Hyderabad, don’t worry, we’ve go you covered! If you’ve got any queries or suggestions drop them in the comments below. You can also tweet to me at @Atulmaharaj or DM @Atulmaharaj on Instagram or Get In Touch.

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